Selling a car in Australia

Selling a car in Australia

Sell my car

Selling a car can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. You have a car sitting in your garage, collecting dust, probably worth many thousands of dollars. But you haven’t done anything about it, to avoid the headache often associated with selling a car.

Have you ever thought this:

“I really want to sell my car but I’m dreading having to market it, demonstrate it to potential buyers, take it for test drives, haggle over price, and handle the payment collection and the paperwork.”

It’s true that selling a car seems to be much harder than it was buying it new, that’s for sure!

So what are your options?

Local used car dealers

First, you need to find a used car dealer or a private buyer to sell your car to. So maybe you’ve looked up some used car dealers in your town, and called them with the main question: “How much can I sell my car for?” But, unfortunately, the answer rarely pleases. Your car is valued way too low and you are offered a price that is much less than what you were hoping for.

And then there’s the restrictions and the hoops you are asked to jump through, like having to bring the car to the dealership yourself. It can take a lot of time calling all your local used car dealers, and you probably still won’t find one that will offer you an amount that your car is really worth.

Used car classifieds

Maybe you have also tried placing an ad in the newspapers’ classified sections for used cars, or selling a car on a site like Gumtree. Then you already know about the headache of dealing with strangers coming to your house, offering you a price that is far too low, wasting your time with a million useless questions, coming up with a list of reasons why it’s not the right car for them – or canceling your appointment altogether!

Used car listings online

So having tried the above two options, you resort to paid used car listings online. Websites like offer listings starting at $60 and going up to $300 for others. Selling a car this way may help your ad reach more people, but it costs money – and it can take a long time. So how long will it take to sell my car this way? It can take days, or weeks, or even months – you never know. This is because on these sites, you may be competing with professionals who sell used cars all the time, and may have much nicer used cars than yours, selling at a lower price.

How can I sell my car faster?

Now that’s not to say that any of these car selling methods are bad – many people successfully sell used cars this way. But it does take experience, patience, time, and money. Think about it though, are you a used car salesman? Do you want to be one? My guess is, you answered “no” to both. Thankfully, there is a company to take the daunting task of selling a car off your hands. With SYCF, you get an accurate valuation of your car in minutes. It’s safe, convenient, and best of all – it’s free. You can sell your car faster, and get paid what it’s really worth. Find out more about selling your car with SYCF here.

Why cause yourself unnecessary headaches and waste your time and money, when you can take an easier and faster route? Now that’s a smart move.